Holden Caulfield: The Fourth Encounter

Holden Caulfield invited me out last Saturday night because his sister, Phoebe Caulfield, was going to be in town from Connecticut.

I went along with agreeing to the invitation but I wasn’t sure how sincere he was and if there would be follow through.  There wasn’t really any reason to think that he wouldn’t follow through.  It’s just that sometimes, with some men (or people, in general) I wonder if they are being sincere.

There was follow through.

We texted during the day on Saturday and then he told me they’d be meeting at a lounge in SoHo.

I got there a bit before 10pm and HC was there with Phoebe and his good friend, Stradlater.

Phoebe and I made the usual small talk and, seemingly, we were just hanging out at the bar.  Phoebe was warm, friendly, and sweet and pretty.

HC says to me, “I told you I have some older friends.  Stradlater is 34.  We met a few years ago through work and became good friends.”

I know you can’t read the tone but, typically, HC delivers things in a very appropriate and sensitive way.  He is considerate of me and my feelings.

As the four of us are sitting there, Phoebe and Stradlater start looking for other chairs, because apparently more people are coming.

HC turns to me, “Thanks so much for coming out, it’s going to be a chill night.”  And I can’t help but wonder what that meant.  Fun?  Cool?  Relaxed?

I have a feeling that he meant it would be low-key and relaxed and I was really glad it was going to be because I know that HC likes to go out and have fun.

More and more people started to show up.  Phoebe and Stradlater had secretly planned a birthday party for him that night.

This was not going to be a low-key night.  We were on our way to Marquee.


Holden Caulfield ordered us a Suburban through Uber, his favorite app.  The Suburban arrived and some of us piled into it and we were off to Marquee.  In total, about 20 of us were going.

I’ve been to clubs in my youth and have met people who have been kind to me at doors at various lounges and clubs, but for some reason, I had never been to Marquee.  I guess that was about to change tonight!

We got to Marquee and the sidewalk outside was packed.  The first thing I thought was, “J___ H___ does not wait in lines at clubs or bars.”  And I don’t.

So, it was a good thing that Holden Caulfield made a phone call when we arrived because someone came out to get us and we walked right in.  No waiting.  Since I’d never been there, HC told Phoebe to guide me to their spot.  Phoebe grabbed my hand and led me into the club, up the stairs and to their table at the balcony.

HC took my jacket and put it in their spot and jumped up on the couches at the table and held his hand out for mine. I grabbed his hand and jumped up there with him.

The DJs were spinning on the stage below, the music was pumping, and drinks were poured.  I had a bottomless glass of champagne and HC and I danced on the couches as the bouncers stood over our tables.  HC hung out with me the whole night, even though all his friends had come out for him, it was like it was just us there, together.

Once in a while, we would wave over to Phoebe and her boyfriend who were dancing on a couch, two couches over.

At one point, I needed to use the restroom so HC called over one of the bouncers and the bouncer led me to the one-room restroom and let me cut the line that went down the hall and down the stairs.  I ignored the terrible glares I got from all the full-bladdered girls standing in that line.

After a few hours, I looked at my watch and it was past 3am and I needed to get home.  So, Holden Caulfield and I both said our goodbyes to everyone there because the party was still going strong.  HC insisted on making sure I got home safely.

As we were walking down the steps, I told HC that I thought he should stay with his friends, since, afterall, it was his birthday party.  There was a little back and forth, and a lot of hesitation and resistance from HC, and I finally convinced him to stay.

I went outside, caught a taxi, and made it home safely and “early.”

Holden Caulfield texted me all along the way to make sure I got home safely and was in bed safe and sound.

Later on, he told me Phoebe was really happy to see that he went back to the party.

I was glad.

What are you thinking about Adam?

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