AJ: First Date

AJ and I set a date to grab a drink after work almost two weeks in advance.  He works by where I live, so that worked out well.

There was so much time until we actually met that I squeezed in seeing Holden Caulfield twice before I met AJ for drinks.

The dreaded day came and I contemplated canceling many, many times because I just knew I was not attracted to AJ and that it wouldn’t work.

So, the day before I didn’t hear from AJ.  I wondered if he forgot.  Then, that morning, I still didn’t hear from him, and I finally heard from him around 2pm. (There was some on and off texting before but nothing at all interesting.)

AJ:  How does 7.15/7.30 suit at stag.

[I attribute his use of periods for colons to his Australian-ness, along with his use of “suit”.  I think there was a typo in there, too.)

Me:  Hey, AJ!  Yeah that works!

AJ: [a little later] 7.30 would be great.

Me:  Ok, sure.  See you then.

Before I met AJ, Holden Caulfield contacted me and we texted for a bit.  He had just gone shopping and wanted to me to go over so he could show me his new snowboarding gear.

Yes!  This was my perfect exit plan.

I got to Stag’s Head before AJ arrived and got a little table upstairs.  AJ arrived — it was brutally cold and windy that day.  He was sniffling up a storm when he sat down, which I found to be a little annoying because I just wanted him to excuse himself and go blow his nose, but he insisted on sitting there, sniffling and sniffling.

I told him immediately that I had to leave to go “meet my friends” downtown at 9:30.  I told him this because I didn’t think it would be a nice thing to do to actually be honest about going to see a different guy that I’m interested in.  He says, “Oh, I live downtown, where are you going?”  I had to make up something and I really don’t like lying.

But, I wanted to give AJ a chance, so I didn’t cancel and came out to meet him.

It wasn’t a terrible date.  By any means.  I think we had great conversation and I think he thought we did too.  The main topic of conversation was about his life as an investment banker.  Having lived in the City for 10 years+, I have gone on many dates with investment bankers.

AJ insisted on changing the subject because he thought the topic was incredibly boring, but I think it’s interesting and I really wanted to hear more about what investment bankers do hour by hour, minute by minute.

He had some great stories and painted a good picture of the job.

Then, we started talking more about Australia, since I had the great opportunity of traveling there two years ago and have some relatives that live there, as well.

But, alas, our time came to an end and I had to go see HC’s new snowboarding gear.

AJ hailed a taxi for me and he was on his way to visit a friend who’s wife was traveling and was enjoying some “freedom.”

Before I got to HC’s, I picked up a pack of Stella Artois.  That’s the Korean in me, I just can’t show up to someone’s place empty-handed.

I got to HC’s, presented him with the beer, and he says, “Perfect!  Check it out.  (Opens the fridge, and there is another pack and a half of Stella in there and just about the only thing in the fridge.)”

Holden Caulfield showed me his gear.  Apparently he is a really good snowboarder and not afraid to tell me.  And that highlights an interesting thing about a lot of men.  Sometimes they are not afraid to let you know they are good at some things.  Ego.

But, at the same time, I found this self-confidence to be attractive, especially when HC delivers it well, with his amusing charm.

He made me try on his new goggles:



See?  I don’t make this s**t up.

I didn’t stay long.   But it was fun.

Aww, look at Adam Scott with his bud Jason Day!

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 8.54.40 PM


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