Marathon Man: Second Date

The next day, I had a second date with Marathon Man.

MM gave me three choices of restaurants: two that were in the West Village again, one of those was a Korean restaurant and the other an Italian wine bar, the third choice was a tapas place in the Flatiron District.

I told him I eat Korean all the time so I’d like to do something different.  Marathon Man decided to go with the Aria and I thought that would be fine.  That morning, I looked it up on the map and saw that it was just a street away from the last place we went to.

Ok, so Aria was fine and nice.  It was actually really packed and I had to sit really close to MM, right next to him, at a high top table.

After having gone out with Holden Caulfield the night before, I found Marathon Man to be a little bland . . . well. . . maybe bland is a little too strong of a word, but Marathon Man told me story after story that were not very exciting, didn’t have much funniness to it, and were long.

We split a bottle of wine and got a few different dishes.  It was a nice and light meal, considering it was Italian.  We stayed away from the pasta.

He asked me the quintessential date question, “So if you could do anything for a job, what would you do?” (Sigh, this again?)

I told him I wanted to be a jazz singer because I love singing.  And before I could tell him much about it and why I want to be that, he told me about his ex-girlfriend who randomly auditioned for “Miss Saigon” and was Lea Salonga’s alternate and blah, blah, blah.  Marathon Man, why would I care about this story about your ex-girlriend?  BO-RING.  Strike One.

Me:  So what’s yours?

MM:  I’d want to do something that intersects healthcare and technology that will help people.

Me:  Isn’t that what you do already?

MM:  No.  (He works in IT at a bank)

Me:  Oh, isn’t that what you said would be the next job you look for?  (Yes, he told me that last time)

MM:  Yeah.

Me:  No, you have to pick something that is not realistic or feasible for you right now.  Or maybe unattainable.

MM:  Oh, oh, OK.  Then I’d be a trail guide.

Me:  Yeah, much better.

We keep conversation going.  That wasn’t hard to do at all and it was natural.  But, we talked very much about the same things we did on our first date:  fitness, nutrition, exercise.

Me:  I wish I had gotten into athletics more. I think I missed the boat on that.

MM:  Well, you seem athletic.

Me:  Yeah, well, I think I have good coordination and agility but I just need someone to push me.

MM points to himself.

MM:  I’m very impressed you have a bike trainer set up already in your place.

Me:  (I spared him the story that my ex-boyfriend got me into biking)  Yeah, well, I do it more for the purpose of vanity.  After I bought it and biked on it consistently I found that it really toned my legs and butt.

MM:  Well it’s working.

. . .

. . .

Me:  Well, thanks.  (But I’m wondering how he would even know how toned my legs and butt are when this is the second time seeing him, fully clothed)

MM:  You look nice by the way.

That night I decided to wear a mini skirt with a black top and suede wedge booties.

We talked a bit more and the topic of celebrity came up.  Marathon Man started telling me about another ex-girlfriend who did makeup for some celebrities.  Come on, MM.  This is your second story about your ex-girlfriends.  We are not on the topic of exes.  Strike Two.

Like I said in the last post, I wasn’t feeling well, which I forewarned Marathon Man that morning.  He told me to continuously take vitamin C and that too much wouldn’t hurt.  It was getting close to 9pm and earlier he had suggested we quickly finish our wine and go to a second bar.  I had said yes to this before, but then I changed my mind and told him I thought I should head home early.  All I could think about was how nice it would be to be in my PJs and in bed.

MM:  Aw, really?

Me:  Yeah.

MM:  But it’s so early.  Come on.  Just one more drink.

Me:  Hmm. . .

. . .

Me:  Ok, well, maybe just one drink.  Well, maybe I’ll go to another bar but not have a drink.  (Sometimes I have a hard time saying no)

MM:  Ok, great!  Let’s go to the Upholstery Room.  They have a great back room we can have to ourselves.

And I know now why he wanted us to have the back room to ourselves.  We got there and we split a glass of wine and suddenly it was like Marathon Man became Octopus Man because his hands were all over me as if he had eight of them.

He also suggested he come home with me.  Strike Three.  I wasn’t able to say no to going to the 2nd bar but I definitely said no to this.

I think I need to start going to the driving range.

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