Update: Holden Caulfield

HC:  [Via text]  What night do I get to take you out this week?

. . . that was at 7:53pm.  I was about to jump on my bike and try to get in a work out since I spent the weekend eating a ton of empty calories at my sister’s.

So, I didn’t immediately respond.

At 9:37. . .

HC:  Hope you are well.  Just finished a soccer game last one of season.

Me:  Hey, ____!  Oh cool!

HC:  [Emoticon with tongue sticking out]  There she is.

Me:  Hmmm, need to see about this week.  Sorry I just biked and worked out.  🙂  Maybe Wednesday?

HC:  Nice, ahh was hopin you would say any night but Wednesday, got my only other date with a special lady that night.

Me:  Um ok.

HC:  My mom silly!!!!!!! (That’s SEVEN exclamation points.)  We will be early so maybe I can meet you after what do you think

Me:  Haha.  I thought you might say that.  Yeah, that’s good actually.  Then I can work out after work.

Then, I see that Holden Caulfield is calling me.  I have to admit ignoring the call crossed my mind. . . I answer, and Holden is super sweet.  Asked me how my weekends have been since we last texted, told me about his life, then set a time to meet up on Wednesday.

And I can just tell he has got to be at least 10 years younger than I am.  I can hear it in the way he talks.  And, when we met, he told me he lived in NJ for “a couple of years” after college, then moved to the West Village and has been living there for “a couple of years”.

Homeboy has gotta be under 30.


Look!  Adam Scott likes kids!  And maybe Asian women, too!

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 10.39.27 PM

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