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Drool. . .

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I went to the car dealer that I recently purchased my car from.

And in the showroom was sitting a little, shiny beauty:

I went up to it and I touched it gently.  There was a sales man who was talking about it with a customer, standing behind it.

He goes to me, “You’re wondering what it is, aren’t you?”

I say, “Oh, I know what it is. . . ”

It’s an Audi R8.  It was a used model.  This showroom is full of used cars — I bought my car used.  I think it’s the best way to go.  Plus my A3 was in pretty good condition and only year old.  I think I got a pretty good deal on it.

So back to little beauty.

I looked inside it — black and beautiful with a six-speed manual transmission.  Only $119,000.  Only $119,000.  And that’s the used price.  Talk about retaining it’s value.  But it’s not a V10.

I say to the sales guy, in awe, “Can we sit in it?”

Sales guy says, “No, no, no, the doors are all locked.”


Then he says, “Maybe you can ask your sales guy and maybe he’ll go get the key and let you sit in it.”

My eyes got big.  Really??

I had been waiting a week to get my car back — just so they could turn off that service notice, fix a speaker, and get a front license plate bracket on, that I forgot to even ask my sales guy about sitting in it.


Boohoohoohoo.  🙁

The Loneliest Day Of My Life

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Today was the loneliest day of my life.

If you consider how old I am and where and how I’ve lived, you have to know that to have been the loneliest day of my life, I must have been pretty f*cking lonely today.

I’ve been suffering some pain in my abdomen the past couple days.

Today it was at it’s worst.  I had to leave work around 3:30pm because it was so unbearable.

I thought something was about to explode inside.  Sharp pains and bloatedness.

I raced home because I just didn’t know if I was going to pass out while driving on the highway on my way home or walking home from my parking garage.

I raced home to be somewhere comfortable because if I dropped dead, it would be a long time until anyone that cared would know.  I know it’s crazy thinking but I wanted to be in the comforts of my own home should anything happen to me.  It’s completely morbid, but that is just how I think.

That made me feel really lonely.  I have no one.

And what added to it was that I contemplated going to the hospital.  Do I go alone?  I barely felt like I could drive but who could really drive me?  Everyone was at work.  That would mean that I’d have to call someone to come get me and drive me to a hospital and have to endure 15-20 minutes more of blinding pain.  I didn’t know if I could wait that long.

And even if I wanted to go to the hospital, I don’t even know where it is!


Not only am I in pain, but I’m also hard on myself for not knowing where the hospital is after living here 4+ months.

Get with the program!


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I started implementing my “Cheek-Kiss-Greeting” strategy.

I tried it out when I said good bye to my business school friends (Annie, Raul, and Marjorie) after we had dinner at the Cafeteria.


I forewarned them though.  I said, “Hey, have you read my blog?  (I know these guys do)  Get ready, because I’m going to kiss you when you I say goodbye.”

Surprisingly — well, I guess not so surprisingly because they are all super awesome — they were all very receptive to it.  Raul is used to it because I kiss him on the cheek all the time.  And, afterall, he is an Argentine.

So, there I went, one by one, kissing them all on the cheek when I said goodbye.

So far, so good.

Now, on to the next group of friends.  And the next time I see this group, I will do it again.  They are going to catch on, and they are going to like it!

Little by little, slowly by slowly, I am going to get to everyone I know and watch it spread.

Muahahahahaha!  Minneapolis cheek-kiss-greeting domination!!

Mission: Impossible

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I’d like to revisit a blog post from my previous blog,

Last year, I wanted to introduce the “kiss on the cheek greeting” to Minneapolis.

After being more exposed to the fashion industry of the Twin Cities, I think it is time to be much more serious about this mission.

I mean, I worked in the fashion industry as a model for FIVE YEARS in New York City.  There’s no such thing as the fashion industry without kisses on the cheek.

Oh wait. . . yes there is. . . And it is in MINNEAPOLIS.

(Yes, those are my lips.  Photo courtesy of Rotem.)

What’s with all this hugging when you say hello to someone?  And what’s even worse is that sometimes some people will just shake your hand.  Yeah, so cold!

It’s a mission: impossible, but I’m determined to do it.

I’m going to start kissing people on the cheek when I see them.  Anyone.  Man, woman, child, grandma, grandpa.

Too bad it if makes you uncomfortable.  It’s better than the hug.  In so many ways.

First of all, when you hug, what are you doing?

Issue 1:  Why are you pressing your body up against someone else’s??  That’s WAY more bodily contact that a kiss on the cheek.  With a kiss on the cheek, you don’t even have to touch your lips to the cheek.  You can just touch cheeks and make a “kiss” noise with your lips.

Hugging begs the question of how many arms you need to use.

Issue 2:  One arm or two arm hug?

Well it depends on how much bodily contact you want to have with the person you are hugging!

Which brings up another issue!

Issue 3:How much bodily contact do you make with people with a hug?

With some people you want a lot.  With others, not so much.

You could do that one arm wrap around the shoulders.  I know you know what I’m talking about.

Or you could just reach around to someone’s back and give them quick little taps on the back.  ARgh.  I hate that one. Those little pats are so belittling, aren’t they??

Some people will give you the complete embrace.  Two arms wrapped around you really tight and your chests are pressed up against one another.  That’s WAY more contact than a cheek-to-cheek kiss!

Which then leads to the next issue:

Issue 4:  How long to you hug for?

See with kissing on the cheek, it’s quick!  No one sits there and lingers on your cheek.

With hugs — really, how long do you hug for?  Man, that is awkward.

Have you ever gotten stuck in that kind of hug that is just a tad too long?  Like, you want to let go waaaaay before the other person lets go?

See?  Kisses on the cheek can solve all these issues.

That’s it.  I’m on a mission.

Awww, Snap!

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Looks like I still got it!

The glutton for punishment that I am, I went back for yet another casting for AVEDA.  Yep, the agency convinced me to.

I got there and I was like, “Aw, man.  I am sooooo over this bullshit.”  I sat there nonchalantly looking at my phone while “they” the important people made announcements about the silly shows and what exactly they would want us to do for the shows.

I half-paid attention.  How many times have I been through this?

I went through the motions of meeting the hair designer.  He touched my hair (yeah, it’s a little awkward!), he asked me some questions and asked me to go back and sit in my chair.

Another guy asked us to get up, one by one, and do a runway walk.

Ok, blah-dee-blah-dee-blah.  I walk down, turn, walk back.

“Perrrrrfect. . . ,” says the guy.

Then, some more waiting.

The hair designer comes back and tells the other guy his ideas.  He calls me up first.  Says something about me being the opening, violet hair, blah blah blah.

Other guy says something in affirmation and excitement.

And next thing I know, I think I’m booked for the show!  All I know is I got my mind on being in the ‘burbs in 10 minutes to meet our supplier for dinner.  I don’t care what color they want to die my hair (violet) and how they want to do it (something about making it really big and maybe even adding extensions) and what I’d be doing in the show (the big opener).

I just need to fill out some papers, take a few photos and get outta there!  Come on, people!!

I made it to the supplier dinner just ten minutes late.

Thank God those Wisconsin boys were subdued by beers when I got there.


Just Like Home

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Last night, it was cool enough to sleep with no AC and the windows open — finally.  It’s been super hot for the past week or so in the Mini Apple.

Yes, super hot.  Even here, 90-degree weather is considered to be very hot.

My bedroom window:

I must have gotten accustomed to sleeping to quiet nights again, since I’ve been living outside of NYC.  I could hear all kinds of noises from outside my window:  cars and trucks driving by and the general unusual noises the outside gives you.

At first, I was a little annoyed by all the noise and I contemplated closing the windows and kicking on the AC again.  But then, I realized that I slept with this noise day in and day out in NYC — windows closed.  So I left them open and I fell asleep just fine.  It was like being home again.


Out and About

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Well, I’m slowly getting over my funk.

My wonderful friends have been really encouraging me to go out more and be social.  Tawnya reminded me that I often meet men when I am out so it’s good for me to go out and mingle a bit.

I found a fundraiser to go to last Thursday.  It was for Japan and it was a “Ramen-Off” — a contest of making ramen, if you will.

For those people who have limited exposure to ramen, it is actually a Japanese noodle type that can be done really well and yummy and not just made in a consumer packaged good in a cup.

Anywho.  The event was packed!  And thank God it wasn’t a >90 degree day like we had been having in Minneapolis.  It was mainly outdoors, but the various restaurants who participated were cooking the ramen indoors.

They had karaoke.  Of course they had to.  It was an event for Japan.

Yes, of course I participated!  Do you know me at all?  If there is karaoke, I will sing.

I went to go talk to the DJ about doing a song and he asked me if I am Korean.  I said yes.  I asked him the same.  He said yes.  I said, are you adopted?  (There is a high population of Korean adoptees in the Twin Cities).  He said no, but that his wife is.  Ok, cool.  At the time I didn’t think anything of it.

I often ask local Koreans if they are adopted because of the high population here and because of my involvement in the Korean adoptee community, which is near and dear to me.

So, I sang a song after they had an announcement.  It was “Don’t Stop Believing.”  I thought that was appropriate, no?

I then went to get another beer and hang out with Tawnya and Sima.  There were a couple of people who sang, Tawnya sang “Borderline” by Madonna.

Then I went again.  Heehee, yes.  I was a bit of a mic hog, but they wanted me to!

The second time I went up, the DJ, Hak, pointed me to his wife.  I looked over at her while I was singing, and I was looking and looking at her because she looked vaguely family — and BAM, it hit me — I realized I knew her.  Her name is Mei and we were c0-counselors at Camp Tiger when we were 21 or so.

So, I pointed at her while I was singing and said, “Hey!  I know you!”

She was totally surprised and completely confused for a second.  Then, she kept looking at me while I was singing and after I was done, she was like, “Are you Jenny?”  She got the name wrong, but I knew she had finally placed my face.  Don’t worry, I corrected her and told her my name.

And it was an awesome moment.  We gave each other a huge hug.  I always really liked her and wondered about her since I had moved to Minneapolis.  We have a couple of friends in common but I hadn’t seen Mei through them at all.

What a wonderful surprise!  I felt warm and fuzzy for the rest of the night.  We immediately exchanged phone numbers and, of course, she found me on Facebook later that night.

All these months I had been wondering when I would run into people from that summer — I think it was the summer of ’97.  FOURTEEN years ago!  OMG, that’s not even half my age.  The summer right after I turned 21.  Wow.

And who knew I’d end up living here.

I can’t wait to catch up with Mei and start getting into the Korean community.  I miss my peeps.

A Has Been

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Why do I expose myself to rejection time and time again?

I must be a glutton for punishment.

I got called by my Minneapolis modeling agency to go to a fashion show casting for Aveda.  The only reason why I went is because the show is on a weekend and I would be available to do it.

I had to have been about twice the age, two inches shorter, and about 15 lbs heavier than 99% of the girls there.


I don’t know why they send me to these things.  Well, actually, I’m pretty sure it was by request because I might be the only “model-esque” Asian face out there in Minneapolis.  But the irony of me being in the modeling business is that I am just tall enough but sometimes not tall enough.  I’m definitely not skinny enough.

What a sick world!  Why am I even thinking about how I am not skinny enough?!?  Why am I comparing myself to these girls who are not even “normal” or “average”?

Sorry to say folks, but society has conditioned us to do this.

Can’t we just love ourselves as the way we are?

Note To Self:

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Try not to have the ambition to hang art when your nails are still wet.

I just spent the past half hour trying to hang this dang thing:

I had just painted my nails my typical summer bright red color when I had a sudden flash of ambition to start hanging all the art and photos that I have been procrastinating about for the past month or so.

This thing took me a while because I had to screw in the little eyes that you string the wire through on the back of the frame.  I was really trying to be careful and mind my wet nails and I have to admit, I did a pretty good job not ruining them too much.

Plus, I work with a bunch of men so they could really give a rats ass what my nails look like.  They wouldn’t even look closely, I’m sure.

But I love this piece because it’s by my husfrenn, Peter.  I “acquired” it from Lori and Peter when I was helping them move their stuff out of their storage and out to California.  Ok, they didn’t really give it to me.  I begged them for it, on the terms that I might return it to them one day.

I don’t even know the title of it.  All I know is that it’s a lithograph by Peter and it’s perfect on my wall.


Spare Wheel

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Have you ever been the 13th spare wheel at a party?  Do you know of anyone that has?

Well, you do now.

Yeah, I was that 13th spare wheel last night.  Sometimes it sucks for single people to be the 3rd wheel or even the 5th wheel.  And it really, really sucks to be the 13th spare wheel.

Welcome to my life.  You would think that I’d be used to it by now, right?  I mean, I’m no spring chicken, am I?

Last night my coworker had a BBQ and invited people from work and their spouses.  About halfway through the night I realized that I was the only single person there.  And I was on the older end of the age spectrum.  Just one guy was older than me.

It’s interesting that I didn’t think about it at first, isn’t it?  But, as the night progressed, we started playing games and it was evident.

We split into two teams:  women vs. men.  Of course, I threw the count off — the women’s team had one more people.

Sort of causes a minor issue when you play by rounds and each person takes a turn.  Then, it gets annoying when people say things like, “yeah, but you have more people on your team!”  Gosh, sorry to screw things up everyone.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much.  I mean, it’s a personal choice, right?  I choose not to go out and date, I chose to break up with my boyfriend, and I choose to live a single life right now.

So, are you asking why I am complaining?  Yeah, I don’t know why.

But you know what?  I have my glass of red wine and it’s all good.

Good night.