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The Little Rocket That Could

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2012 by Jeans

I had some work done on my Little Rocket at the local Audi dealership a few months ago and when I stepped out of my Little Rocket, the rep asked me how I liked my “Little Rocket”.  Of course I love her!  And that is how I started calling my car, the Little Rocket.

Here’s a photo of her cute back side.

I love, love, love my car and I’m sort of surprised that this is my first post about her.

Today, we Minneapolites are living in a winter wonderland:

It’s been snowing nonstop since last night and it is now 2:44pm.  The first photo is my patio, looking onto the street.  The second is from the opposition direction.  My place is behind those two smaller trees in the middle.

I needed to go to Super Target to get some supplies for the various baked goods I will be making.  Don’t worry, it’s for work and a dinner party tomorrow.  I’m in Beach Bod Mode, so hopefully won’t be eating too much of it.

I decided to venture out in this snow, which is the first time I took my Little Rocket out into such snow.  Last year’s winter was so mild in Minnesota (yay for me, but boo for Minnesotans who love the winter and keep hoping for more cold and snow — really??).  Oh, and my Little Rocket was originally from Atlanta, so I don’t think she’s seen much snow.

We barely made it back.  It was slippery and when we would get going from stop lights we’d slide all over the place.  I felt like the little Engine that could — slowly stepping on the gas, trying to keep the wheels straights, as we inched along in the inches of wet, slipper snow.  Come on my Little Rocket, you can do it!  On the freeway, I didn’t need to shift higher than 4th gear and that was pushing it.  And plus, with the sight of many, many cars on the shoulders, in the medians, and off to the sides, I didn’t feel the need to put the metal to the pedal, which, if you have ever ridden in my car with me, is how I usually drive.

The snow fall is unrelenting.  I finally figured out how to light my gas fireplace.  I’m tempted to go lie in front of it and take a nap.

Oh, and I wanted to share one more thing.  I went out to lunch with some coworkers on Friday.  When I came home later that day after having dinner with Stephanie and Mike, I saw this little gem in my car:

I laughed out loud in my car because I knew exactly who left if there — MIKE!


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I trekked to the gym today after work.  I typically take my gym bag because I don’t want to wear my nice custom Nike ID running shoes that I got for my birthday from a special someone to the gym.

Typically I shove my whole handbag in my gym bag because I can’t seem to part with the contents of my handbag and only take my wallet.  I mean, what if I need floss?  Or. . . my comb?  Or. . . my sunglasses?  Or. . . my Chanel pressed powder?  Yeah, exactly.  That’s exactly why I shove my whole handbag into my gym bag.

But my gym bag doesn’t only serve as my gym bag and handbag bag.  Tonight I stopped by the North Loop Wine store on my walk back from the gym because I’ve been really craving Sweet Child of Vine beer made by a local brewery, Fulton.

So, now my gym bag is my gym bag, my handbag bag, and my beer bag:

And it all fit!  I have to thank my friend, Thomas, for introducing me to Sweet Child of Vine.  It’s so good I literally crave it.

Mmmmm, Sweet Child of Vine.  Come to Mama.

Beach Bod

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I’m working on gettin’ my beach bod on so I can get my tan on while I’m gettin’ my pina colada on in Aruba over the week of Christmas.  I’m so excited, I can’t contain my excitement mostly because I’ll be spending six days with my little baby Jonah.  Why six days, you say?  Because this sucker has to go back to work for ONE DAY on Friday the week of Christmas because of some poor vacation planning, which, of course, I am not to blame since these vacations are sort of sprung on us last minute.

Between me, my brother, my mom, and my dad, Jonah’s parents will get zero time with him, if we are lucky.  As my mom says, “Oh, my baby Jonah!”

Here’s Jonah, my cutie:

Let me get back to the subject at hand.  Beach bod.

I’ve been trying to get in shape for my trip to Aruba so I set up my bike trainer and will be doing yoga 2x a week, running 2x a week and biking 2x a week.  Additionally, I’m really trying to watch what I eat.

So, how much do you think I’ve stuck to my schedule?  I’m 0 weeks for 1.

I am a sucker for “daybreakers”, which is the Minnesotan term for breakfast sandwiches (I think?).  I’d never heard it before I lived here.  So, after a a whole week of eating yogurt and fruit in the mornings, I decided to give myself a break and indulge.  Then, we headed to Burger Jones for lunch — a group of coworkers and I — and of course I had to get a bacon cheeseburger:

Check out that “White Trash Burger”.  Only in Minnesota. . .

I got home from work and I got a text from my friend, Steve, inviting me to a Timberwolves game for that night.  I had already changed into my gym clothes and after some back and forth I had to decline and be a good girl and go to the gym and prep for the small dinner party I was hosting the following day.

At the gym, I realized I had forgotten my hair-tie (can’t be running with your hair wild and loose) so I asked the sales rep/trainer dude for a rubber band.  He says to me, “You’ve got some dedication coming to the gym at 10 to 7 on a Friday night!”  Yeah, well that’s a result of a combo of things — prepping the beach bod, breaking up with my bf, and no Friday night plans.  (Although Curtis and I used to go to the gym together on Friday nights all the time).

As I was walking out, that same dude said, “You made it!  Great job.”

Me:  “Yeah! And now I’m so hungry.”

Dude: “Well, now you can go and eat ANYTHING you want.”

Haha, well, little does he know that I already ate what I wanted all day.  Can I still eat anything I want?