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Ok, I took a little break from the blog.  I know.  That is sort of lame and I really don’t have a good excuse.

I’m finding that I do want to get back to it because it’s sort of like my little diary.  My censored diary.  Ha.

I’m mostly motivated to be back on the blog because my childhood best friend, Colleen, wrote on my Facebook wall saying that she missed it because it gave her a little window into the goings-on in my lie.  I care about Col, so I want to do this for her.  And for other friends and family.

Lots have been going on since May 10, which is the last time I posted.

Work has been going really well.  I love the industry I work in and the people I work with.

It’s incredible what an old boys club my company is.  It sort of comes with the territory being a high tech company and where most people have technical backgrounds.  But, I’ve found that if you have smart things to say and contribute and you are an effective and productive woman, they  will listen to you and value you.  So, needless to say, I’ve spent some time and will be spending time proving myself.  But, that’s ok.  I like the challenge.

About two months in to my position, I made a trip with 5 other colleagues to visit a supplier in Wisconsin.  It was a road trip because it was so close, so I rented a van and drove our 6 bodies in a minivan across the MN-WI border and ventured into Wisconsin for the umpteenth time in the past year.

My rented soccer-mom minivan:

On our way back, we made a pit-stop at some kind of truck stop area and we all got snacks.  Thomas, my colleague and friend, picked up two six packs of New Glarus beer.  He was really excited to get home and crack one open, especially after having a long day on the road that started at 6am.

Thomas put the six packs in the back of the van since all the seats were taken.  I took one turn and we heard all the glass bottles go flying.  This happened after Thomas told me to not to drive “crazy”.  But, I didn’t drive too crazy!  I swear, I just took one normal turn.

We dropped some people off just as we were back inside the MN border.  Now that there was a seat open, Thomas promptly went to get his beloved New Glarus six packs and secured it:

This was actually my idea and it was a good idea.